Emergency Aid Fund

In 1929 to 1931 South Australia was a state in distress with below average rainfall.  The renowned woman aviator Amy Johnson completed her solo trip from England to Australia.  There was a huge reception in her honour and 135 pounds was given to the Metropolitan Branch of the SACWA to be used for needy country families.  This became the basis for the SACWA’s Mallee Relief Scheme.  Mrs Dolling was careful to explain, at the time, “The SACWA is not a charitable organisation.  We ourselves do not raise the money, we only do the work with funds that are handed over to us”.

Mrs Dolling, Mrs Rymill and Miss Ritchie distributing relief goods to distressed areas on the Eyre Peninsula in the 1930s.

SACWA is proud to serve both rural and urban communities. Service to the country, through women, for women by women is still the vision of this Association. SACWA provides assistance to families in need through the SACWA Emergency Aid Fund. Assistance is provided by recommendation from a social worker, rural counsellor or Association members. SACWA uses every dollar raised for this purpose as it does not take out administration costs.

For anyone seeking assistance: Please contact a rural counsellor or social worker in your area who are submit your application in writing to the SACWA State Office.





The SACWA Emergency Aid Fund is here to assist

The South Australian Country Women’s Association Inc is able to assist those in need as a result of any natural disaster in South Australia – drought, bushfire or flood.

Donations of $2 and over to this fund are tax deductible and all monies go directly to those families and communities affected.  All administration costs of the fund are absorbed by SACWA.  100% of your donation goes to those in need.


A Helping Hand for South Australian Rural Communities – Federal Government Grant

SACWA will once again be able to distribute funds to rural families in South Australia who are still being affected by seasonal conditions.  CWAA through the various state CWA entities have secured further funding from the Federal Government in order to assist these families who are unable to meet their day-to-day living expenses.

From August 2018 to earlier this year, SACWA distributed more than $2.4 million to more than 1000 rural families – all made possible through donations, corporate partnerships and Government funding.  The distribution of these funds was facilitated through our partnership with Rural Business Support (RBS) and their Financial Counsellors across South Australia, who worked tirelessly to identify those in need, and process the applications on our behalf.

This work now continues as a result of the additional funding.  Rural Business Support’s rural Financial Counsellors will again help us to distribute these grants to those South Australian rural families most in need of assistance.  Our role will be to ensure the speedy distribution of the funds once the applications have been received from Rural Business Support.

SACWA is proud of the ongoing partnership with RBS and the valuable work they do within the rural sector both here in South Australia and in the Northern Territory.  Their support services for farming families and small business owners beyond the farm gate play a vital role in ensuring the long-term financial viability within rural communities.

For further information and to enquire about the work Rural Business Support is currently doing please click here www.ruralbusinesssupport.org.au

Rural Business Support 

FREE CALL 1800 836 211

Without strong rural communities the whole of South Australia suffers
Remember, everyone needs a helping hand sometimes



    How you can help

    To make a donation to the SACWA Emergency Aid Fund, please send a cheque to:

    SACWA State Office
    30 Dequetteville Terrace
    KENT TOWN SA 5067

    Donations of $2 or more are Income Tax Deductible, if made to the SACWA EMERGENCY AID FUND.

    Donations can also be made online. Click here for our online donation form.