International Committee


The South Australian Country Women’s Association (SACWA) is a member society of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) which aims to:

  • Raise the standard of living of rural women and families through education, training and community development.
  • Provide practical support to its members and help them set up income generating schemes.
  • Give rural women a voice at international level through its links with UN agencies.

The SACWA International Committee deals with matters regarding the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).

Special Events: Some of the special events organised by the International Committee include:

  • Associated Country Women of the World Day, which is celebrated annually as close as possible to 29 April. This is a world-wide event and proceeds are sent to London.
  • World Rural Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 15 October each year.

Fundraising/Projects: The International Committee undertakes a great deal of fundraising to support its work. Every one to two years they support a project to assist our members in the South Pacific Area, aiming to raise a few thousand dollars for each project. These projects focus on self-help, income generating schemes, education and health resources.

Click here to donate online to our South Pacific Area Fund.

Other projects co-ordinated by the International Committee include:

  • Pennies for Friendship, which is vital to raising funds for ACWW.
  • 5c per tap, which raises funds specifically for clean water supplies in the Pacific Islands.
  • Resource Teams, which are small groups of members who go to the South Pacific to teach specific skills in sewing, handicrafts, leadership, nutrition/health and income-generating projects.
  • Responds to invitations from Australian Aboriginal Groups and Societies in the South Pacific area.

International Day

Branches hold an International Day each year, usually in November with a speaker who has either lived in or visited the ‘Country for Study’. The event includes a display of various items and memorabilia from the country, with those attending often bringing traditional dishes or food to share. Music from the country is often played also, and some branches invite local school children to participate. This is an enjoyable way to learn and appreciate the customs and way of life for people from other countries around the world.

Country of Study 2023- Papua New Guinea

Each year, the International Committee chooses a Country for Study from suggestions submitted by branches across the state. Using this country as inspiration, the Committee then organises a number of special events and undertakes a great deal of fundraising.